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(212) 786-5741

Delivering natural sound at a price you can't resist

Experience hearing aids starting at $599 each**

The first Sonic Hearing Aid featuring the revolutionary SoundDNA platform, the Enchant 20 delivers natural sound in a brand new way. For a limited time, experience a host of features that allow you to manage your new soundscape at a special price of $599 each.**

With innovative features at an affordable price, including:

  • SPiN Noise Reduction and Directionality
  • Binaural Coordination, including Volume and Program Changing
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport
  • Plus: a host of Patient Conveniences that can enhance your listening experience

More practical. More Effective. More fun.

The Sonic Enchant 20 keeps you connected with wireless technology.+

Wireless connectivity simplifies the way you can interact with Enchant 20, by synchronizing volume adjustments, program changes and telephone use from one ear to the other. You can choose how to control wireless operations — via program button, smartphone, or other accessories from Sonic.

  • Special pricing of $599 each** for a new hearing device that delivers clear, natural sound with premium features such as wind and soft noise reduction and custom programming and styling for a truly personalized hearing experience
  • Complete complimentary hearing assessment*
  • Risk-free trial++ of the latest hearing devices

Just for you: Enchant 20 Custom (in-the-ear)

With a first-rate, custom fit, Sonic designs tailored hearing solutions that are stylish, attractive, and appealing. Now, there’s even greater versatility in our customizing features for in-the-ear (ITE) devices. Ask your hearing care provider if the in-the-ear model is right for you.

Complimentary demonstrations of high-tech hearing aids

We offer demonstrations of some of the most advanced hearing devices on the market today.

Please call early to make an appointment for the date of your choice.

Be sure to bring a friend or loved one when you visit our office – someone whose voice is familiar to you and you communicate with the most. They may take part in your assessment by serving as your "familiar voice" during part of the testing process.